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October 4th: World Animal Day - Bustamante + Freyre

October 4th: World Animal Day

October 4th: World Animal Day

Author: Ma. Antonieta Guapillo Reyes


“We must teach humanity what our place on earth is, since our well-being
is integrated with that of all animals and the environment.”
San Francisco de Asís.


Mexico is one of the countries with the most diversity of fauna in the world, for this reason it is necessary to make this planet a place where we can live and coexist in harmony with our environment, respecting each of the species is essential for well-being and the sustainable development of our society. Likewise, it is important to encourage current and future generations to commit to caring for the country’s fauna and supporting programs that promote the importance of conserving the different species on the planet.



In 1929, October 4, World Animal Day was declared, at the initiative of the World Organization for Animal Protection at a congress held in Vienna. The main objective was to generate a solution to the problem of endangered species.

The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was proclaimed on October 15, 1978 and approved by the United Nations. This declaration establishes that every animal has rights and points out that ignorance and disregard for these rights have led and continue to lead man to commit crimes against nature and against animals.

Mexico is a megadiverse country, meaning it is home to extremely high levels of species: 535 mammals, 361 amphibian species, 804 reptile species, 1,096 bird species and more than 23,000 vascular plants, a high percentage of which are endemic. At the same time, an estimated 127 species have become extinct, primarily due to habitat conversion and invasive species.

At Bustamante + Freyre we reaffirm our commitment to conserve and protect fauna, since its existence is vital for the natural cycle of the planet, as well as fostering, promoting and monitoring a culture of respect for animals in institutions and in society. society in general. Therefore, the importance of accompanying our clients and allies in the development of comprehensive strategies for the optimal care of our species and adequate compliance with conservation legislation and policies, as well as promoting sustainable measures to reduce negative impacts and allowing us to live in harmony.