Legal services


For B + F, one of our main objectives is to accompany our clients in their relationship with SEMARNAT, PROFEPA, CRE, CONAGUA and other relevant authorities.


At B + F we know how important it is to design and to plan projects in compliance with all necessary legal and technical requirements, which is why our experts work with you throughout the entire process.

Procurement and renovation of permits at all three levels of government (licenses, authorizations, concessions, etc.).

We have both the experience and the knowledge to carry out all the paperwork without unpleasant surprises, always reducing risks for our clients.

Litigation in administrative matters, legal protection and nullity against law proceedings.

We know that litigation can cause discomfort and concern, which is why our legal team takes care of everything so that our clients don’t have to worry about a thing.

Class action litigation and by members of afflicted communities.

We like to listen and work closely with the communities, learn about their concerns, motivations and do our work respecting their traditions and culture, always abiding by the law.

Consulting on national waters issues and water discharge permits.

Water management in Mexico is one of the most sensitive issues and in recent years it has become a national concern. At B + F we have more than fifteen years of experience managing and carrying out all the procedures before CONAGUA and other authorities, necessary to process authorizations, extensions and other related needs.

Support in matters of federal maritime-terrestrial zones.

Development in tourist areas is a very important engine in our country. We like to accompany our clients throughout the investment process, covering permits, queries, procedures, as well as any doubts that may arise from the boundaries, scope and authorizations within the ZFMT.

Development of legal strategies for project development.

At B + F it is clear to us that preventive actions are always the best option for our clients, which is why we like to work on designing legal strategies that shield projects, keep them as risk-free as possible and generate added value to the investment.

Drafting of bills and regulations (at the federal, state and municipal level).

We know that the Law and its Regulations are basic elements to achieve sustainability and to protect nature and the environment. This is why we have a strong and qualified team, able to support both the Federal Government and local Congresses, as well as local and municipal governments in the elaboration of innovative, strategic laws and regulations that follow global trends.

Advisory on environmental regulatory issues for mega-condominiums

Nothing like developing a housing project that coexists in harmony with nature, the community and the relevant environmental authorities. That is why at B + F we work hand in hand with our clients to comply with all the environmental, urban, and energy requirements that the Law demands from them.

Advisory for modifying Official Mexican Standards.

The NOMs provide us with different and varied options to regulate various environmental, energy, waste, and wastewater discharge situations, among many other matters. Formulating them requires technical and legal knowledge. At B + F we have a multidisciplinary team to advise on the formulation of Official Mexican Standards in matters such as the environment, energy, real estate, tourism, etc.

Drafting and revision of ecological management plans for land and urban developments, urban planning actions and polygons of intervention.

For B + F , having a robust and well-prepared territorial ecological ordering is equivalent with opportunities to carry out investments and high-value projects which respect and care for the environment. This is why our continues to specialize every day on being able to conduct the process of formulation and updating of territorial ecological ordering plans and programs.

Consulting on matters of environmental civil liability and environmental damage.

Accompaniment in financing processes linked to the Equator Principles and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria.

One of B + F‘s main objectives is to strengthen and transform the way in which investments are made in real estate developments, high-level infrastructure, energy projects, among many others. This is why we have a team specialized in social impact, who can go from accompanying a project from beginning to end, to carrying out diagnoses, roadmaps, social and environmental management plans,

Consulting on matters related to the Kyoto Protocol and carbon credit markets.

At B + F we are always constantly renewing and updating. Our team is continuously learning in order to be able to offer the most innovative and up-to-date solutions in environmental, energy, real estate, and tourism, which is why we have experience in the carbon credit market, a reality that is here to stay.