Servicios Sociales

Feasibility studies for legal, environmental and social projects.

We know the importance of comprehensively shielding our clients’ projects and investments, which is why we carry out studies that analyze environmental, legal and social conditions.

Drafting of social impact assessments (SIA).

All energy projects must submit to SEMARNAT a document which identifies towns in the area of influence of a project, ando also identifies, characterizes, predicts and assesses the consequences that could arise, mitigation measures and management plans. social, which is known as EVIS (Social Evaluation Process). The B+F team has extensive experience on the matter and we take care of it from start to finish.

Development of social management plans and community outreach strategies.

At B+F we know how important it is to maintain a clear, honest and respectful relationship with the communities that interact with our clients’ projects, which is why we have perfected our strategies for carrying out personalized social management programs generally based on IFC criteria and the Equator Principles

Social management project training.

Training is one of the cornerstones at B+F. We are convinced that the greater the knowledge, the lower the risks, which is why we work every day to generate robust training schemes for our clients.

Design and advisory on consultation protocols for indigenous communities.

In any project that is carried out, the communication and relationship with the communities with which it interacts is of the utmost importance; this is why B+F designs protocols with the highest levels of care, sensitivity and prevention in terms of Consultation with indigenous peoples and communities.

Environmental, social and human rights due diligence.

At B+F we are very committed to helping our clients comply with the highest environmental, social and Human Rights standards. This is why we first carry out an evaluation which aligns the project with the Equator Principles, the guidelines of the International Finance Corporation, the ESG criteria, the standards of the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, etc., for the financing of public and private investment projects. Next, we identify possible risks and gaps in order to make a customized design of correction and mitigation action plans. We accompany monitoring for compliance.

Development of Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS).

We know that an Environmental and Social Management System includes a policy, a series of procedures which help manage environmental and social risks, and also having trained personnel in charge of social environmental management and in charge of investments. That is why we address the issue with a 360 vision which allows us to accompany our clients throughout the process, thus protecting their investments.

Design of environmental and social reference terms for the development of projects.

Having a solid foundation for carrying out projects is essential for our clients, which is why at B+F we design the environmental and social terms of reference that meet all national and international requirements.

Development of sustainability and social responsibility reports.

At B+F we are aware that what is not known is difficult to measure and improve, which is why we prepare detailed sustainability and social responsibility reports that support our clients in their

Social and Equator Principles audits.

The Equator Principles are here to stay and every day they will take on a more relevant space in the financing options. At B+F we are prepared to accompany our clients in their deployment and execution.