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Mexican Official STANDARD NOM-173-SEMARNAT-2023 - Bustamante + Freyre

Mexican Official STANDARD NOM-173-SEMARNAT-2023

Mexican Official STANDARD NOM-173-SEMARNAT-2023

By: Ana Pérez Rubio


This Official Mexican Standard (NOM) establishes the requirements for the design and construction of confinement cells and complementary infrastructure, as well as the specifications and criteria in the operation of controlled confinements, disposal of hazardous waste and closure of the final disposal site.

Regarding construction specifications, various specifications are established, such as the following:

Of the confinement cells:

  • In the design and construction of the cells, gas and vapor conduction systems must be considered;
  • A structural analysis must be carried out to determine the effects of the loads on the design of the slopes and the bottom of the cell, among others.

Of the leachate collection and extraction systems:

  • They must be integrated with collector, sub-collector, gully and monitoring wells;
  • For monitoring wells, a mechanical or electrical system must be available for leachate extraction, among others.

Of the gas conduction systems:

  • The system must collect and conduct the gases or vapors to vent tubes and use an impermeable membrane to cover the cell at the end of its useful life;
  • The material of the vent tubes can be high-density polyethylene, polypropylene or any other polymer that resists corrosion, among others.

The complementary infrastructure establishes that the following must be included: access and waiting areas, perimeter fence, surveillance booth, weighing system, confinement laboratory, cleaning area, electrical energy installations, signs, and other facilities in accordance with specific criteria. established in the NOM.

General operating specifications are also made, regarding entry and exit of vehicles, people and species of fauna; Of income; requirements; weighing; analysis; of treatment; and admission of waste directly to the confinement cell.

Regarding the upper cover, the cell closure and the confinement closure, the following specifications are regulated, among others:

  • The upper cover of the cell will consist of three layers that must be identified on the general plan;
  • Once the cell is closed, the presence of leachate must be verified; and the integrity conditions of the cells in confinement.

Monitoring compliance with the Standard corresponds to SEMARNAT, through the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), in accordance with the procedure for the evaluation of conformity, established in the same NOM.

At B + F we know the importance of accompanying our clients and allies in compliance with this and all Official Mexican Standards (NOMs) that may have an impact on sustainability.