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July 7th: International Soil Conservation Day - Bustamante + Freyre

July 7th: International Soil Conservation Day

Día internacional de conservación del suelo

July 7th: International Soil Conservation Day

By: Tania Mijares García


In 1963, July 7th was chosen to celebrate International Soil Conservation Day, in honor of Hugh Hammond Bennet.

On this day the main objective is to raise awareness and sensitize people about the enormous importance that the earth has within the fragile environmental balance.

Right in the middle of this enormous and worrying heat wave and drought that is hitting much of our country and the world, we must stop to think about how the impacts of Climate Change, pollution and excessive exploitation of soils contribute to the destruction of the environment, putting both our survival and that of the species at risk.

Soil is a tremendously complex resource, since it is a changing ecosystem, while it serves as a support for all forms of life, such as plants and animals, it also serves as a substrate for the growth of vegetation, guaranteeing nutrients. necessary for all species.

If we talk from an agricultural point of view, it is the communication channel between the crop and the producer. If the latter does not take the necessary actions to maintain the quality and protection of the soil, its harvest and plantation will be directly affected positively or negatively.

One of the main problems and challenges that soils face today is degradation, which is an environmental process that causes healthy and fertile soils to lose all or part of their productive capacity.

There are three main causes for this phenomenon to occur:

  1. Deforestation;
  2. The unbalanced use of land; and,
  3. Erosion caused by contamination with chemicals.

At B + F we are aware of the great importance of soils, our main objective is always the creation of environmental, economic and social value for our clients and friends, which is why we accompany projects from the origin, supporting the selection of site, feasibility analysis, Environmental Impact Statement, Justifying Technical Studies, analysis and implementation of good practices such as: the use of organic fertilizer or worm castings; program and carry out intelligent crop rotation; carry out direct sowing; associate crops for pest control.

All with the purpose of promoting, both with our team, as well as with clients and interest groups, the comprehensive care and protection of the soils and in general of the ecosystems that we can impact with our activity.