What is an environmental consultancy?

What is an environmental consultancy?

By: Giovanna Díaz


Within the ecological and environmental field, you have surely heard or read something regarding environmental advisory or environmental legal advice. And it is sensible that there are specialists who inform and train people and who raise awareness, particularly within companies, of the current environmental policies and guidelines that must be enforced for a better and more ecological production process. But then, what is an environmental advisory?

An environmental advisory, then, is, as its name suggests, a specialized advisory or consultancy in environmental matters which is carried out particularly for companies or organizations. Said guidance can comprise several topics, among which are:

  • Environmental legislation
  • Deployment of environmental management systems
  • Obtaining of ecological labels
  • Local agenda planning
  • Formulation of environmental impact studies. They put forward environmental solutions (which establish the viability of a number of projects in development) such as studies of terrestrial flora and fauna, response to requests for additional information, environmental risk studies, etc.
  • Among others.

There are two types of environmental advisory:

  1. Specialized consulting. That is dedicated exclusively to environmental issues such as energy consulting or hazardous waste management consulting.
  2. General Consulting. Focused on advising companies with a broad portfolio of services.

What is it for or what benefits does an environmental advisory generate?

The purpose of this type of consultation is to analyze the situation in which each company finds itself and thus identify and improve the way used resources can be optimized within the production or commercial process in order minimize possible environmental impact. Thus achieving a balanced coexistence between business dynamics, society and the planet.

Although each organization has its own environmental policies, there are some common issues promoted by most:

  • Constant allusions to continuous improvement
  • Promoting environmental awareness among workers
  • Encouraging prevention work carried out in order to monitor pollution
  • Proactivity and commitment to complying with the decisions which have been made in order to prevent environmental damage

Both large companies and smaller businesses must pay attention to a number of ussued in order to achieve the proper development of their economic activity. In recent years, awareness about climate change has increased, an issue which is increasingly alarming and seriously visible, which causes society to keep respect for nature in mind. This is why environment as a topic prevails within the business sphere and it is imperative to have environmental advisory which can identify the best way to carry out its production processes, while causing the least possible or minimal effects on the natural surroundings.

According to statistics by ECO LIMPIO environmental services, in Mexico approximately 2,600,000 MILLION TONS of hazardous industrial waste per year are generated. Of which only 10% receive proper treatment, the remaining 90% of this annual hazardous waste is improperly managed.

Something important which should be noted is that the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) can and does carry out environmental audits in companies. In the event that they do not comply with the current requirements, they will be liable to fines or, in more severe cases, those responsible would be criminally prosecuted. This is why many businesses already consider it essential and imperative to aquire environmental advisory, because they must comply with certain items so that their productive activity impacts the surrounding fauna and flora as least as possible, be it in air, water, or soil quality, or in the availability of natural resources. For more information about these regulations and why they were deployed, you can visit SEMARNAT’s official website.

It should be noted that the National Advisory Committee for the Standardization of the Environment and Natural Resources (COMARNAT) participates in formulating of the official Mexican standards for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, as well as in promoting their compliance. In a utopian world, neither companies nor we as individuals would have any habitat disturbance. However, this is almost impossible, so the minimum impact on it is pursued with the assistance of environmental advisory. You can also visit their official website for all available information.

We must have an environmental awareness not only in order to avoid fines as businesses, but also as people responsible for our actions who take a preventive approach to our health. According to Expansión magazine, “Environmental pollution has become a ‘weapon’ against Mexicans. In 2017, 49,095 deaths were attributed to it, of which 64.6% were brought about by cardiovascular and diabetic/renal diseases.” The article also stresses that “People’s exposure to PM2.5 particles –which are generated by human activities– cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as cancer.” Therefore, the WHO (World Health Organization) highlighted the need to create policies and guidelines which link the health sector with the energy sector.

Now that you know, do not hesitate to contact us, who are among the experts on environmental legal advice, and take a look at our website’s SERVICES page, since we offer legal services such as advisory on environmental regulatory issues, litigation in administrative matters, amparo and annulment proceedings against laws, advisory on national waters and discharge permits, etc. Environmental services such as the formulation of supporting technical studies, environmental audits and expert reports, integration of unique environmental licenses, etc. Social services such as the formulation of social impact assessments (EVIS), training for the social management of projects, environmental, social and human rights due diligence, etc. Also visit our CLIENTS page so that you and your business may adhere to the aforementioned preventive guidelines.

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